Yeoor Waterfall

Yeoor Waterfall

Yeoor waterfall is located in Yeoor village. Yeoor village is a location in Thane district in Maharashtra. Yeoor forest is a tropical dry deciduous forest with diverse flora and fauna. Yeoor forest place is under sanjay gandhi national park. The place is full of nature, birds, trees and animals. Small Waterfall in Yeoor Hills Jungle. Yeoor hills is a great destination for all the nature lovers who love to feel the charm and beauty of the place.

Rainy season is the perfect time to visit a Yeoor waterfall. Yeoor waterfall is one day picnic spot. Yeoor hills waterfall is 2 to 3 kms fars from thane railway station. There are streams waterfalls. There are range of birds and butterflies. Enjoy visits to the waterfall during the monsoons and also experience the pleasures of bird watching as well. The place is under sanjay gandhi national park hence they charge you certain entry fee at the gate.

Private bungalows are available on rent with facilities of restaurants. Forest department rest house near entrance of the forest is available after doing room booking. There are 2-3 good resturents like Golden Swan Country Club, Exotica hotel, Sai dhaba, Shradha to spent a good time.

How to Reach: By bus from Thane station upto Patonapada stop 2 or 3 km. Public transport T.M.T buses and auto rickshaws are available from thane station.

Nearest railway station: Thane station

Yeoor Waterfall    yeoor hills waterfall

yeoor hills greenery